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Wall advertising can also handle sales in big rural markets for you.
As for whether wall advertisement can still be used to deal with the sale of products in large rural markets, many enterprises have successively adopted this kind of advertisement over the years, but the effect is not great. The reason is that the times and business environment have changed, there are many wall advertisement enterprises, resulting in limited resources and each other. Coverage, chaos, advertising value is not guaranteed, but even more lethal is to wall advertising as a way to deal with the problem, neglect the central strategy of advertising wall advertising a kind of guidance.
It has long been a mistake for several workers to form a construction team to advertise. The focus of advertising is to sell products, how to sell, how to sell, how to let consumers know and then generate the desire to buy, and to decide to buy. This is a systematic project, which requires a useful advertising strategy to be feasible in large rural cities. In the field, we should use strategy as a guide to select the value of wall advertisement. In today's Internet living space, can wall advertising be used? It can be used, depending on the status of each enterprise to specific analysis, not all enterprises are suitable for this situation, and finally emphasize that the center of advertising is strategic issues, neglect of strategy, any advertising behavior is problematic.
Wall advertising is relatively simple, and manufacturing does not require complex skills. The release of the media is a ready-made residential wall. The cost of the preface can be negligible. According to the advertising agency we visited, there is no need to pay in general, even if the payment is very cheap. In today's media advertising prices continue to climb, wall advertising low cost advantage has become the key to attract advertisers into advertising.
Ideal communication effect
1. higher touch rate.
Among all the respondents, except the illiterate villagers, other respondents indicated that they had seen wall advertisements. Among the illiterate farmers questioned, 67% asked what other wall advertisements were about. Therefore, the proportion of villagers who do not understand the advertising content of walls is rather small.
Because the village is relatively small in geographic division, wall advertising in the limited space of the village not only has a higher touch rate, but also has a higher touch frequency. Gathering around the village road is a traditional pastime for farmers. Moreover, the wall advertisements on both sides of the highway will become the guideline for visitors to watch, which will expand the touch scale of the wall advertisements to a certain extent.
2. simple publishing environment.
One wall only publishes a wall advertisement. The advertising environment is simple and the disturbance is small. The wall advertisements have little disturbance with the listing of TV advertisements, the bombardment of broadcast advertisements and the advertisement of various products in the preface of printing. This is very helpful for the transmission of wall advertising.
3., strong pertinence.
We conducted a content analysis of 53 wall advertisements and found that local service products accounted for 22.6% of the advertisements, followed by production materials and transportation products. From this it is not difficult to see that wall advertising has a strong targeted, publishing content is often closely related to the production and life of rural products; and wall advertising as a rare outdoor media in rural areas, but also closely linked with the advertiser's goods display, with the effect of on-site sales interaction.
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