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What is the theme color of wall advertising?
Character is the center of wall advertising, is an intuitive way to show the content of wall advertising, wall advertising not only pay attention to the layout, but also pay attention to the planning of the text.
The tone of advertising language is generally stated, and only briefly tells the characteristics of one aspect of the product. For example, the Qianjiang Motorcycle advertising slogan "wear-resistant is to save money", simple and clear, concise, tells the characteristics of the product, suits the local audience practical, money-saving thinking. However, due to the limitation of creative level and the influence of local educational level and consumption mentality, wall advertisement slogans may be vulgar and vacant, and need to be strengthened.
Color has a strong expressive force, is an important prerequisite for the visual impact and artistic appeal of advertising, it has the power to grab people's voice, is an important means of advertising to quickly compete for audience attention. However, many wall advertising in the use of color is too single, white or blue background white characters account for the majority, easy to form visual fatigue, can not cause the audience's hobby. Elevator advertisements, which may be colorless and disorderly, overlook visual rules, make people dazzled or irritable, greatly damaging the role of communication.
Although wall advertising as an independent form of media has been objective existence, but the operation of the industry is still properly backward, advertising producers put up a paint bucket, holding propaganda board in various places to complete the wall advertising phenomenon is still very common. Some wall advertisements are still in the condition of jerry-building, low level, such as color fading, non-standard typeface, wall untidy, and even appear mistypographic and illegal advertisements. Many wall advertisements are painted on the collapsed damaged farmhouse, even on the chaotic pigsty, which damages the shape of enterprises and brands. Elephants, give people a sense of low-quality product quality, but also to a certain extent damaged the local natural and cultural environment, the formation of visual pollution.
The biggest feature of wall advertising is intuitive, wall advertising layout planning is mainly pure color, bright colors. Dazzling, wall advertising is not only the introduction of this product, but also the company's "face", so in selecting the main color of wall advertising, generally throw away more colorful, select more outstanding products. Color.
1. Mobile phone, computer category; mobile phone and computer color selection generally choose a more technical sense of blue and black based.
2. make-up category; this category is generally based on pink or light blue.
3. household type; furniture generally choose blue. Green white is more eye color.
4. Car category; Car wall advertising is more inclined to atmosphere, so the general main color are blue, black, red-based.
The theme color of wall advertisement should be chosen according to the product generally, throw away the traditional advertisement's garish, simple, and give priority to, achieve outstanding points, let people remember at a glance, rather than in the limited space filled with various elements dazzling, choose a more simple and bearable color, it will be better to convey the advertisement want. The main points of expression.
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