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Rural Wall Advertising Manufacturing Should Blend with Rural Environment
Compared with foreign wall advertisements and international outdoor advertisements, the characteristics of rural wall advertisements in China are very clear. The following distinctions analyze the secondary characteristics of rural wall advertisements in China from the aspects of advertising theme, advertising performance and astronomical dissemination.
I. Thematic Characteristics of Rural Wall Advertisements
The so-called advertising theme refers to the secondary content and the central idea carried by advertising. The rural wall advertisements show a trend of diversification in theme.
政治主题。乡村修建物山墙上随处可见的标语、口号成爲宣传国度方针、政策和法规的重要舞台。从“中国共产党万岁”、“打土豪,分田地”、“鼓足干劲,力争下游,多快好省地建立社会主义”、“破四旧,立四新”, 到“高举邓小平实际的伟大旗帜”、“变革开放,一国两制”等等,这些已经在不同时期普及中国乡村每一片土地的墙体广告,以特殊的方式在历史上留下了浓厚的一笔。现如今乡村墙体广告更多地是围绕与农民生活亲密相关的主题:有关方案生育的如“少生优生,幸福终身”,“少生孩子多种树,少生孩子多养猪”;有关开展经济的如“野生一只兔,不缺油盐醋”;有关政策法规宣传的如“强迫预防禽流感”,“推行九年制义务教育”等等。
Political themes. Slogans and slogans everywhere on the walls of rural buildings have become an important stage for publicizing national policies, policies and regulations. From "Long live the Communist Party of China", "Strike local tyrants, divide fields", "Encourage vigorous efforts, strive downstream, how quickly and economically build socialism", "break the four old, establish the four new", to "hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping's reality", "reform and opening up, one country, two systems" and so on, these have popularized wall advertisements on every piece of land in rural China in different periods, with special side. Style has left a strong mark in history. Nowadays, rural wall advertisements focus more on topics closely related to farmers'lives: such as "fewer births, better life", "fewer births, more trees, fewer children and more pigs", "wild rabbits, no lack of oil, salt and vinegar", "forced prevention of avian influenza" and "nine-year compulsory education". Yue and so on.
Business theme. Information propaganda around enterprises and commodities is another theme feature of rural wall advertising. With the development and prosperity of the economy, many villages have gradually changed from poor and backward, sparsely populated to densely populated, prosperous transportation, and increasingly prominent consumer demand. More and more enterprises, especially private enterprises, begin to pay attention to the opening of rural markets, trying to stop the immersion of enterprise titles, logos, slogans, ideas and so on through wall advertisements. Such as "Hualong noodles, see everyday", "Lao Wan boiler, heating and cooking are both correct" and so on.
Public welfare theme. With the development of the times and the deepening of the establishment of physical civilization, wall advertisements focusing on environmental protection, social security, moral and ethical, civilized building and other public welfare themes are increasing. Such as "caring for girls, treating the elderly kindly", "drug addicts break people's lives, drug trafficking is a dead end", "Confucius said: benevolence, two people also. Collaboration is strength!"And so on, all convey various public welfare propositions in a vivid and easy-to-understand way.
The Characteristics of Rural Wall Advertising
The characteristics of rural wall advertisements in China are shown in the following three aspects:
Firstly, writing is dominant. More than 70% of wall advertisements are in pure text mode, and few are in combination of pictures and texts. Pictures often use enterprise or product logo. Take "Haier" household appliances and "Shell" agricultural machinery smooth oil as an example, that is, to put Haier Brothers and Shell logo in a prominent position, and then add lengthy words to form wall advertising to convey their product information. The tone of advertising language is usually cliche, but it is complicated to inform the product of a certain aspect of the characteristics. For example, the advertising slogan of Qianjiang Motorcycle "Wear-resisting is money-saving" is simple, concise and clear, expressing the characteristics of the product, and suiting the minds of foreign audiences to apply and save money. However, due to the limitation of creative level and the influence of education level and consumption mentality in the field, there are a few vulgar and vague defects in wall advertisements, which need to be strengthened and rectified.
Second, the color is single. Color has a strong expressive force, which is an important prerequisite for the visual impact and artistic appeal of advertisements. It has the power of first impression and is an important means for advertisements to quickly win the attention of the audience. However, at present, many wall advertisements are too single in the use of color, and most of them are white or blue, which is easy to form visual fatigue and can not arouse the interest of the audience. Perhaps the use of disorderly colors, ignoring the law of vision, makes people confused or anxious mind, greatly damaging the communication effect.
Third, the manufacture is complex. Although wall advertisement exists objectively as an independent media mode, the operation of the industry is still quite backward. It is rare for advertisers to complete wall advertisement by putting up a paint bucket and smearing propaganda boards everywhere. A considerable number of wall advertisements are still in the form of exquisite carving and low degree, such as fadable color, non-standard fonts, untidy walls, and even mistyped and law-abiding advertisements. Many wall advertisements are painted on collapsed and damaged farmhouses or even dirty pigsties, which not only damage the abstraction of enterprises and brands, but also give a good impression of the quality of natural products. To a certain extent, it destroys the natural and civilized environment in other places and forms visual purification.
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