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  In the period of big marketing, the effect is paramount, do you really have insight into the needs of consumers? A marketing industry practitioner shares six questions with all partners, can you help your group, continue to pay attention to the advertising portal, and understand more wonderful content of advertising news.
  1. What is the basis of your marketing plan?
  In the case of unsuccessful customers we are facing, we can see that many enterprises follow the trend of marketing, or the decision of the boss patting his head. The marketing plan formulated from this is impossible to produce how obvious the effect is.
  We believe that the real marketing plan should be based on the comprehensive understanding of market analysis, enterprise analysis, competitors and target groups, and develop marketing strategies. Based on objective and accurate data analysis, talent can produce insight, ability can accurately know the current market position and the market direction to be reached.
  2. What is the greatest advantage of your business or product?
  有了关于市场和竞争对手的全面控制,有了关于企业的宏观了解,关于一切追求营销实效的企业而言,第二个问题则应该是真正找到企业或者产品的 中心优势,并将这一中心优势放大,到达被普遍认知承受的水平。我的很多协作同伴经常会问我,是的,我认同这一观念,但是比方来说,我们是做欧式家具的,我 们也想找到我们的中心优势,但事实上市场上和我们一样的企业和产品太多了,我们之间基本没有差别化,也没有所谓的中心优势,怎样办?
  With a comprehensive control of the market and competitors, with a macro-understanding of the enterprise, and with regard to all enterprises pursuing marketing effectiveness, the second question should be to really find the central advantage of the enterprise or product, and to magnify this central advantage to a level that is generally recognized and accepted. Many of my co-workers often ask me, yes, I agree with this idea, but for example, we do European furniture, we also want to find our central advantage, but in fact, there are too many enterprises and products on the market like us, there is basically no difference between us, there is no so-called central advantage, how to do?
  In our view, in the current homogeneous marketing competition, marketing should start from consumer demand, and the greatest advantage of enterprises and products should come from the satisfaction or discovery of consumer demand. As far as homogeneous competition is concerned, it is difficult for us to find the advantages of enterprises and products if we only stand in the perspective of enterprises, but if we really stand in the perspective of consumers, you will find a new continent.
  3. Where are your customers'real needs?
  Yes, we have to ask, where are the real needs of our customers? How can I tell if that is the real needs of the people I want to work for?
  消费者的购置欲产生,必定是企业产品在某些方面感动了消费者,使之产生值得的心理感受。首先不同行业不同产品,消费者的心理需求是不分歧 的,购置的敏感点也是不同的。在这个中央我更倡议,我一切的协作同伴可以真诚与顾客沟通,倾听顾客的倡议,找到本人真正的卖点。此外,马斯洛关于人性需求 的理论,是十分好的见解,值得每个有追求的市场营销人好好阅读和考虑。
  The purchasing desire of consumers must be that the products of enterprises have touched consumers in some aspects and made them produce worthwhile psychological feelings. First of all, different industries and products, consumers'psychological needs are not different, and the purchase sensitivity is also different. In this center, I even advocate that all of my collaborating partners can sincerely communicate with customers, listen to customers'suggestions, and find their real selling points. In addition, Maslow's theory of human needs is a very good idea, which is worth reading and considering by every marketer who has pursued it.
  4. Can you satisfy customers'needs and even do better?
  Consumer demand has been found, but in fact, most customers can not accurately describe their own needs, as Ford founder Henry Ford once said, "If you ask people what they want, they will tell you that you want a faster carriage." This requires enterprises to truly understand the needs of consumers, through the appearance of communication, to find the key elements of demand.
  As far as enterprises are concerned, after identifying the real needs of consumers, to reform the service system of enterprises and seek the innovation of enterprises'products so as to enable the target customers to obtain more value is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and break the basic of homogeneous market.
  5. Can you set up a sound marketing system to make it easier for your customers to know and buy you?
  In our view, with comprehensive control of industries, enterprises, products and consumers, good products and good service, and a considerable number of consumers, as far as marketers are concerned, it means that they have a good marketing foundation, but does it mean that enterprises and brands will win?
  树立完好的营销体系,提供更为人性化的购置体验,同样是营销成败的关键。今日的产品时期,购置体验将不再是独立的,而是产品竞争力的一部 分,关于没有显著产品竞争力的或同质化十分严重的行业,这一点表现的愈加明显。人性化营销体验,不只仅表如今于你的营销战略能否无独有偶,更表如今于企业 营销人回归根源,丢弃繁复而无诚意的营销技巧,转而将这些投入在真正为目的消费者购置提供便利、温馨的体验度层面。
  Establishing a sound marketing system and providing a more humane purchase experience is also the key to success or failure of marketing. In today's product era, the purchase experience will no longer be independent, but a part of product competitiveness. It is more evident that there is no significant product competitiveness or the homogeneity of industries is very serious. Humanized marketing experience is not only reflected in whether your marketing strategy is unique, but also in the return of corporate marketers to the root causes, abandoning complex and insincere marketing techniques, and investing these in the real purpose of consumer purchase to provide convenience and warm experience level.
  6. Can you accomplish the above five points effectively?
  Nowadays, the innovation of marketing is no longer the slow change of the past. In this period, we see countless new brands coming out quickly, and countless new brands coming out quickly.
  Marketing that fails to improve sales is not marketing. Real marketing should be scientific and rigorous, and the effect is remarkable. You may know that, but the truth is, you don't know how to do it. The essence and purpose of marketing is to promote sales, which is the eternal truth, but today's marketing is no longer the cry of the past, but when the demand of the target consumer group comes into being, you are there. Big marketing is not the most expensive marketing, but the most effective marketing.
  Many colleagues and even many collaborators have informed us that we need to spend a few dollars on this marketing campaign. If we can continue to increase it, can you help us achieve our goal? I don't know if it can be done, but in my opinion, the above actions are definitely not big marketing. True big marketing has its own evaluation criteria. The criterion of evaluation is that big marketing can always find appropriate leverage and achieve the greatest marketing effect through reasonable investment.
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